Photoshoot Mood board inspiration

For this blog post I wanted to include the mood boards I have created for our photoshoot inspiration. I stared mainly looking at cultural references from the 50/60/70's. I especially loved looking at the  psychedelic art and music inspirations. this then inspired some of our photo shoot characters. hence the further research into looking at … Continue reading Photoshoot Mood board inspiration


Photoshoot idea for the Perfume brand

For the photoshoot, we are planning to have thee models dressed up as ‘memories from the 60’70’s. Inspired by the styles during these times, a Punk rocker, Hippie and Business Man, therefore, they become the memory of the people that may be buying the product from the photoshoot. Incorporated in these shoots will be flowers… Continue reading Photoshoot idea for the Perfume brand

Current Visual and Media Inspiration

Trends Mixing Floral and Print Historic Art references Wrap dresses Check and Tweed Clueless inspires outfits - matching Jackets and Skirts Matcha Semiotics Using models that wear a Hijab Different sized models from different cultures - Vogue May Issue Art obstruction Conceptual and Fine Art Motif Morrocan Patterns Bright Furniture and Patterns Mixing print and… Continue reading Current Visual and Media Inspiration

Vegan at uni – Or how to buy the healthiest foods for your body and still afford Vodka

As a university student its quite clear I am on a bit of a budget, its also clear that I enjoy going out. This means I personally want to spend as little as possible on food to be able to fund my drinking and dancing 😊 as a vegan, this works in my favour because… Continue reading Vegan at uni – Or how to buy the healthiest foods for your body and still afford Vodka