The Perfume industry

Perfume industry The perfume industry id very good at basically basing their products on the idealistic life or supposed expectations of life. This can be very generic and quite typical in terms of advertising. There are common themes or situations that express these perfumes, such as women throwing themselves over men, people showing off their… Continue reading The Perfume industry


ARK Skincare – for every age, tone and lifestyle

ARK ARK skincare is probably one of the most genuine skin care brands on the market today. Its an honesty brand that’s products are formulated for you skins age, Ageprotect for teens & 20’s, naturally giving younger skin the major nutrients, it needs to keep hydrated for a clear complexion. Agedefend for 30’s & 40’s… Continue reading ARK Skincare – for every age, tone and lifestyle

MyFitnessPal – The best tool to fuel an Eating Disorder

MyFitnessPal is one of the many “Health” apps that aim to help you track every single thing you consume, so for someone suffering from an Eating Disorder, its an app from heaven but actually it’s an app from hell. The app aims to keep track of all of your calories and macros, it stores all… Continue reading MyFitnessPal – The best tool to fuel an Eating Disorder

Interviewing Monkee Genes – No Blood, No Sweat, No Tears

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Lucy who does the marketing for Monkee Genes. Monkee Genes is a new and exciting fashion brand that make ethical and sustainable clothing. Monkee Genes launched in 2006 with a small denim collection made with organic cotton. The brand aimed to offer “something fresh” to the stereotype… Continue reading Interviewing Monkee Genes – No Blood, No Sweat, No Tears