Interviewing Haruki Design – Tatt

“They're blinded by consumerism” I recently had the opportunity to interview Haruki Design (Tatts) about his work and style. I was fascinated by the simplicity, beauty and elegance of his work, using mixed mediums along with photography and line art. I am fascinated by the use of nature and the underlying stories behind his work… Continue reading Interviewing Haruki Design – Tatt


Photoshoot Mood board inspiration

For this blog post I wanted to include the mood boards I have created for our photoshoot inspiration. I stared mainly looking at cultural references from the 50/60/70's. I especially loved looking at the  psychedelic art and music inspirations. this then inspired some of our photo shoot characters. hence the further research into looking at … Continue reading Photoshoot Mood board inspiration

Current Visual and Media Inspiration

Trends Mixing Floral and Print Historic Art references Wrap dresses Check and Tweed Clueless inspires outfits - matching Jackets and Skirts Matcha Semiotics Using models that wear a Hijab Different sized models from different cultures - Vogue May Issue Art obstruction Conceptual and Fine Art Motif Morrocan Patterns Bright Furniture and Patterns Mixing print and… Continue reading Current Visual and Media Inspiration

Vegan at uni – Or how to buy the healthiest foods for your body and still afford Vodka

As a university student its quite clear I am on a bit of a budget, its also clear that I enjoy going out. This means I personally want to spend as little as possible on food to be able to fund my drinking and dancing 😊 as a vegan, this works in my favour because… Continue reading Vegan at uni – Or how to buy the healthiest foods for your body and still afford Vodka